Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Back in Session!

School is back in session and I have found it really hard to stay updated on almost everything besides lesson planning.  This blog has kind of taken a backseat to that, so here is a little update!

Before school started, John and I decided we really needed some sort of getaway so we went to Jackson/Yellowstone for a few days.  It was SO much fun and an amazing first family vacation!  It was fun to be on our own and not have to cater to anyone else.  Johnson loved it and was a really good sport about being in the car so much!  We started off in Jackson (2 nights).  We enjoyed walking around and seeing the sights.  We also enjoyed watching the Olympics on TV  in our hotel!  We spent the rest of our trip in Yellowstone looking for animals!  John saw a bear (I missed it) super close to us as we ate lunch at Jenny Lake.  We did get to see a lot of elk, bison and bald eagles!

Leaving Johnson has been SO much harder this year than last!  I think, because I had such a fun time playing with him everyday this summer, and we became so close!  He is my little buddy, and dropping him off for daycare is not getting easier!  We went in a few times before school started to set up and he was a lot less helpful this year!  Haha I took his bike in with us and that helped entertain him for a little while.
Another new obsession of Johnson's is riding in toy cars.  He is so funny!  I found my old Little Tikes car at my dad's office and he has LOVED playing in it!  He also loves the car carts at Maceys!  It is really hard to get him to leave them at the store however and get in the car!  I decided once to put him in a regular cart to avoid the drama, and he screamed every time he saw another kid riding in one.  I've come to the conclusion that it is easier to battle him for a few minutes after my shopping is done, than have him throw a fit the whole time I'm shopping!
I have so much more to update but I don't have anymore pictures on my laptop right now!  Until next time....

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