Monday, July 17, 2017

Johnson Turns 2!

How is my baby already 2 years old?!!?  I seriously don't know where the time has gone!  Johnson has turned into the cutest child alive.  I am sure I'm a little biased, but seriously, he is so hilarious and adorable!  His vocabulary EXPLODED this year!  He can and will try to say anything these days! My favorite is when he mimics me saying things like "oh my gosh" :)  He has learned his shapes (circle, oval, octagon, square, triangle, rectangle, star, trapezoid, diamond and semicircle)  He knows his ABC's.  He can count and enumerate. His latest obsession is planets.  He can identify the sun, moon, Earth, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.  He is just such a smart little guy! He also sings songs, though most probably wouldn't be able to tell that he is singing. :)  I just love watching him learn new things and grow!  He loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse ("Kicky Nouse") and YouTube Kids.  He loves his cousins, Grandma and PopPop, playing outside, balls, trains, cars, and fruit.  We love him so much and couldn't imagine life without him! 

For his birthday, since I had just had Hal, we kept things low key.  We started off with breakfast with some cousins at Center Street Grill.  Then we came back to my parents' house for cake, ice cream and presents!  Did I mention that Johnson LOVES cake!?  He couldn't even wait for us to cut it before digging in.  Such a difference from last year!  This year his cake was a shapes cake, which represents him perfectly.  Then John and I took him to the Aquatic Center.  Hal and I sat in the shade while John and Johnson swam.  Chris met us there later.  Then we dashed home for a quick nap before going to the UFOMT Gala Dinner.  Johnson enjoyed it, despite the pictures. :)  By the time we got home we were all exhausted!  A fun day, for a fun little guy!

Hal's Birth

I am SO BEHIND on this blog!  I decided I should probably start by writing about Hal's birth while it is fresh on my mind!

Little Hal Christopher Blair was born at 7:23 am on Wednesday, June 28th.  Since my last labor/delivery was, put simply, a nightmare, our doctor suggested we schedule a c-section this time.  Leading up to the date, I was feeling pretty calm about it.  All of my appointments had gone as planned, everything seemed great.  I didn't really have any panicky feelings until the night before, but I was still ok.  We had to be at the hospital at 5:30 that morning.  John, my mom and my dad accompanied me.  Once they hooked me up to the monitors in L&D I had a hit of severe PTSD.  All of the emotions and fear of my last time in that room came flooding back.  Unfortunately, it was right when they were trying to insert my IV.  I started throwing up, causing the IV to come out, and they had to do it again.  Once that ordeal was done, I was able to relax a little.  At 7:00 they had us walk down to the OR and had me get on the table.  It was FREEZING!  I was still feeling pretty good!  The anesthesiologist was hilarious.  He asked me to call him Cody....and I can't really recall his last name.  Mickelson?  Anyway, he put in the Spinal Tap which hurt, but not too terribly.  Then I laid down and they put up the drape.  I put in my headphones(a great suggestion from my mom) with my phone playing U2.  THAT is when I panicked.  Something about lying on a freezing cold table, wide awake, and knowing that you are going to be CUT OPEN, is pretty frightening.  Anyway, at that point I had no choice.  I am so glad my mom was there to pat my hand and rub my forehead through the whole thing.  The anesthesiologist kept adjusting my headphones and telling me what to expect.  "Here's the pushing I told you about"  "They are stitching you up now" etc.  Anyway, the whole thing, up until he came out only took 23 min!  I felt a LOT of tugging and movement, but it wasn't painful.  Hal looked great when he came out which was such a relief for me!  They cleaned him off and John got to hold him first.  It was such a different experience to not have him go straight to the NICU!  Dr Kirkman predicted he would weigh 7 lbs 11 oz.  He came out weighing 7 lbs 12 oz!  So close!

Our time at the hospital was also significantly better than the last time.  Hal was able to come to our room immediately and stay with us the whole time.  We did send him to the nursery at night so we could sleep, but other than that, he was with us.  My pain was pretty severe, but totally different from last time.  I told John it was like the difference between a broken bone or sprain (this time) and severe road rash (last time).  We had lost of visitors and I felt like seeing people this time, which was great!  I was up and walking by the next day. 

We hadn't 100% decided on the name Hal when we went in for the delivery, but once he was born we both agreed.  John let me pick the middle name, Christopher.  I picked it because both of my boys had been due on my brother Chris's birthday and I felt like it was a sign...or something.  Plus Chris is a great example for my little ones to look up to, and I love him dearly!  It just fits!

We came home Saturday to my parents' house.  They were all up at the Israelsen Reunion so we had a little time to adjust before they came home.  It has been such a blessing to be living with my parents right now.  My mom even took Hal last night so I could sleep!  Amazing! 

Hal has been a super sweet, mellow baby.  He is an AWESOME eater, but has a little trouble burping.  We love him so much!  Even Johnson has started to acknowledge his presence!  That relationship will take a little more time.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Back in Session!

School is back in session and I have found it really hard to stay updated on almost everything besides lesson planning.  This blog has kind of taken a backseat to that, so here is a little update!

Before school started, John and I decided we really needed some sort of getaway so we went to Jackson/Yellowstone for a few days.  It was SO much fun and an amazing first family vacation!  It was fun to be on our own and not have to cater to anyone else.  Johnson loved it and was a really good sport about being in the car so much!  We started off in Jackson (2 nights).  We enjoyed walking around and seeing the sights.  We also enjoyed watching the Olympics on TV  in our hotel!  We spent the rest of our trip in Yellowstone looking for animals!  John saw a bear (I missed it) super close to us as we ate lunch at Jenny Lake.  We did get to see a lot of elk, bison and bald eagles!

Leaving Johnson has been SO much harder this year than last!  I think, because I had such a fun time playing with him everyday this summer, and we became so close!  He is my little buddy, and dropping him off for daycare is not getting easier!  We went in a few times before school started to set up and he was a lot less helpful this year!  Haha I took his bike in with us and that helped entertain him for a little while.
Another new obsession of Johnson's is riding in toy cars.  He is so funny!  I found my old Little Tikes car at my dad's office and he has LOVED playing in it!  He also loves the car carts at Maceys!  It is really hard to get him to leave them at the store however and get in the car!  I decided once to put him in a regular cart to avoid the drama, and he screamed every time he saw another kid riding in one.  I've come to the conclusion that it is easier to battle him for a few minutes after my shopping is done, than have him throw a fit the whole time I'm shopping!
I have so much more to update but I don't have anymore pictures on my laptop right now!  Until next time....